Custom Academic Freelance Writers and Researchers, Be Not Ashamed of Your Work!

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There is a misconception that academic freelance writers should be ashamed of the way that we earn our spending money because "it's not a real job." On the contrary, freelance writing is as real a job as any and, freelance writers should not be shamed into feeling inferior or less than the next employed person standing in line at Starbucks. The holiday season has brought most academic freelance writers' home for reunions and life comparisons with various relatives. This is normally the time of year when we find ourselves having to explain our line of work and having to deal with the snide comments and dagger looks from relatives who think we aren't living up to our full potential or we are wasting that college degree "your parents went into debt to pay for." We could do without their comments, observations and judgement during this time because we don't really need them to be able to do our jobs. Nor do we require their validation to make our job a reality. It exists in reality whether they believe it or not. In fact, there are a few things that academic freelance writers do not need to do the job. What are these things?

We Don't Need a College Degree to do the Job

While a typical person with a Journalism degree will claim to be the best person for a writing job, nothing could be further from the truth. There are journalists out there who rely solely on editing software and their publication editors to clean up their writing errors. A person who was born with a talent for writing is a different case. A talented writer knows how to write well without a Journalism degree. In fact, even a person who hasn't completed a college degree could very well write a college paper, if he is interested in learning how to write. Writing cannot be taught in school. That takes sheer, inborn talent (which should be advertised on websites like Essay Brand).

Judgment from Other People

It is important for an essay writer to have a clear sense of and a high degree of self-respect to survive in this business. Since an academic writer belongs to a specific breed of independent writers, people who hear about the job tend to look upon the writer as a person who is aiding and abetting a student in cheating the system. These people cannot and will never try to understand the importance of the service that an academic freelance writer provides to students, and why their judgement of the job is of little importance to us. Hey, our bills get paid and we don't bother to ask our parents and other relatives for loans, the same cannot be said for most other people.

Commuting to a Formal Workplace

In fact, a custom academic freelance writer can set-up an office anywhere he needs to. Office representation depends on the student's needs. If the student needs to meet the writer in person, then the office will be where the student needs it to be. Whether it be at Krispy Kreme or the university library, an academic freelance writer still commutes to and provides a formal office representation.

Remember, academic writers for hire are the backbone of the custom essay writing industry. Without our existence, more than half the university student population would cease to pass their course requirements. These students would not have the opportunity to focus on their major course requirements, nor would they have the time to rest from their heavy academic workload on weekends and holidays. These are the reasons why we, academic freelance writers, should hold our heads up high and proudly declare our occupation to anyone who asks, dagger looks be damned!