Interview with an Example Research Paper Writer and Editor

Writer Interview

We know you are a model writer helping students with their writing assignments. Could you tell us more about yourself and your education?

My name is Geo. I hail from Australia, where I also work as a teacher of Chemistry and Mathematics at Mahanain International high school, a school offering GCE curriculum. I am single and currently focused on graduating with my master's degree later this year. I would describe myself as a dedicated and committed professional who is versatile and ambitious. More than teaching, I am an ardent reader and researcher, literary devouring any piece of writing I come across. I enjoy writing and engaging in intelligent discourses on scholarly and contemporary issues, inluding academic plagiarism.

What are your professional interests?

Reading and writing are my major interests. I spend virtually all my free time in the library and internet reading materials indiscriminately. My favourite reads are those from my specialization, sciences and mathematics, but I enjoy any stimulating material. Writing is a way for me to express my opinion and challenge others. My ease in articulating issues through spoken English makes me a formidable writer who has earned respect from my colleagues in language department. More than reading and writing, I have strong interest in sports. I follow European football with religious commitment and I create time to join students during games time.

Tell me about your academic background.

My biggest academic accomplishment so far is a master's of science degree in Chemistry acquired from Australiatta University. I am through with the project and I hope to graduate later this year. I have a bachelor's of education (science) in Chemistry and Mathematics from the same university. I graduated with a second-class honour, upper division in 2009, an equivalent of 3.1 points out of a maximum of 4. As an undergraduate, I enrolled for an Accounting course and graduated as a certified accountant of Australia. I also studied data analysis software such as SPSS, Eview, and Stata. In high school, I excelled in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, scoring straight A's. I also topped in Economics, History, and English Literature. I hope to pursue PhD in Chemistry as soon as I complete my Master's degree.

Why are you an excellent research writer and editor? Do you also proofread academic papers?

I am an excellent research writer and proofreader, actually one of the best, for various reasons. To begin with, my written English is excellent. I express myself with unrivalled clarity, coherence, and cogency. Moreover, my researching skills are excellent. I know how to look for relevant information from library and internet sources and use it in a proper academic style. I have access to various online libraries and searching for information has never been a challenge to me. I know how to avoid plagiarism and all my research papers are original. Additionally, I am familiar with all referencing techniques, APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Oxford and others that are specific to certain universities and disciplines. I write in diverse areas without losing my knack for high quality. What stands me above the rest is my attention for details. I make sure I understand what a client requires and follow it faithfully. This way, I minimize revision requests and save time. Moreover, I am professional and a good time manager. I meet all my deadlines and maintain professional communication with clients. My experience, spanning five years across diverse subjects, makes me the right candidate for the job of a research writer. As a teacher, I understand what professors look for in research papers. This makes it very easy for me to write papers that meet set requirements. I have worked before for several online research companies and I am confident that this makes me the perfect candidate for a research writing position.