Working Hard to Develop Proper Academic Freelance Writing Skills

Freelance Writer

I have professional talent in academic writing, editing, reading, and research. Reading novels, e-journals and books has always increased my knowledge in a truly remarkable way. As a good college researcher, I study bibliographies of books to learn more about them and research on different authors. I share my experience with other research writers to determine how far or close from them I'm positioned in the freelance writing industry.

I know how to edit my own work and I have developed different work drafts to improve the quality of dissertations, articles, and reports. Proofreading and revising has importance in academic writing. I have membership at to ensure accuracy of my essays, research papers, and reports. I embrace any kind of feedback from students and their encouragement or criticism does not discourage me but gives me more challenges to ensure total quality management.

Meeting deadlines is crucial for me. Developing schedule for assignments has always helped me submit work before established deadlines. In case of serious emergency or similar issue, I inform my clients at Live Person (USA) before deadline and issue them zero rated invoices. Further, I give them some special favors in future. I am always honest with clients and this is the sole reason that my clients order example assignments from me again and again.

I use logical and systematic approach to term paper writing. For instance, when writing a model dissertation report, at first I develop an introduction then discussion and finally conclusion. Concepts are always clear and logically expressed in my papers. Proper referencing is given for each concept described. I use adequate referencing - mostly APA and Harvard Anglia unless specified by the client to use some other style. I use material from recommended books, e-journals, annual reports of companies, document from websites and legitimate resource websites. This material is always referenced.

For academic writing, it is required to have membership in some legitimate essay libraries. I have membership in the Willey library to download the latest e-journals based on latest academic research. In addition, my five years' experience in custom writing has helped me develop proper database. This database contains more than one thousand of books in my areas of expertise. This database helps me handle research orders that have very short deadlines.

It is necessary to make clear each requirement of assignment from client before starting writing an assignment. I always clarify things from client's order requirements because ambiguities in requirements may result in wrong solution. I am always sincere towards clients because they trust upon me and forward their project to me. I put my great efforts to make solution premium.

Plagiarism should be strictly prohibited in academic writing and it should never be tolerated. I am highly conscious about academic plagiarism issue and rephrase each concept taken from books, websites, annual reports, etc.

Proof reading is essential for academic writing. After completion of project, I proofread my work to remove grammatical errors and misconceptions if any. It is essential to give clear and accurate concept in writing and proofreading helps me to achieve this objective.

My two years' experience at Live Person (USA) and 3 years' experience at All Writers (UK) always helps me to understand the perceptions of clients and provide them solution according to their demands (including website penalty solutions). I have completed more than 100 A+ Dissertations, Research Papers, Reports and Essay at Live Person and All Writers during my last five years. The main reason of my success at these both companies is that I always satisfy my clients and bring into use my full expertise.

I believe in Total Quality Management and customer satisfaction. I say satisfaction is the main driver of loyalty and mere satisfaction is not enough, customers have to be highly satisfied.