Simple and Advanced Methods of Conducting Academic Research

Academic Research

Academic research is the process where a student in a specific field of study undertakes a topic, conducts evaluation of the different aspects of that topic, and presents the findings in a written form. An academic research is aimed at helping the student discover, analyze, and develop a detailed strategy that will help him/her advance academically. In order to understand the best way carry out an academic research, it is important to know the different types of academic research that can be conducted. These include primary and secondary academic research. Secondary research where a student uses already published research material is the widely used form of research. The methods of conducting research must be arranged chronologically in order to make a comprehensive research paper. This can be accomplished by first writing a research proposal that will guide the student in conducting and writing the academic research.

Different Ways of Conducting Adequate Academic Research

Assorted methods can be used to conduct an academic research. One of them is the use of libraries. Many libraries will correspond to the type of research to be conducted. After identifying the research topic, for example, law one can use libraries that stock law materials. It is also advisable to request assistance from the librarians, as they are more knowledgeable about the good books to use when conducting a research.

The use of newspapers is especially helpful if the research topic is controversial. Newspaper archives are important in establishing a trend on a given topic and studying the behavior of the given trend. Utilization of official government sites is helpful in finding reliable statistical data. The books may be a bit helpful, but it is harder to update statistical trends on hard books compared to the official sites. The internet is instrumental in academic research as one can access updated data easily.

How to Conduct Academic Research

Before starting an academic research paper, one must be familiar with the objectives that they need to meet before the research can be completed.

Identifying the purpose of the research helps to define the research question. Despite the method used for conducting a research, there are three main components that must come out of the research. The purpose of the research must come out strongly. The methodology of the research must also be outlined. This includes the different ways used to collect data. Data collection in research is crucial as the results form the basis of the research. That is, the results obtained will help clarify the purpose of the research and determine whether the solution applies to the issue being researched.


Choosing materials to conduct a research should be done by using the help of libraries, the internet, and even newspaper archives. This provides a rich pool of materials where the student can draw from to make a comprehensive research study. After understanding the topic and deciding on the thesis statement, drafting of the research can then start. There is a specific chronological order that must be followed when writing the academic paper. This is made easier by being fully aware of the expectations and specifications that should be met. The method of research chosen is dependent on the topic being researched and the nature of the results obtained.