Who Do So Many Academic Writers Prefer Working from Home?

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Many people seek legitimate work-at- home jobs. Some of these people seek a work at home job as an independent essay writer. They may have had teaching experience and wish to help students write their papers, or they are interested in becoming published writers and this is one way they can improve their writing and earn extra income at the same time. Working from home as an essay writer may seem like an ideal job. However there are also certain drawbacks to it.

Writing from Home - Pros

Working as an independent essay writer allows you flexibility. You can work online from anywhere. You are not confined to a desk in an office all day. The job gives you the option of writing from any location: at home or any other place with internet access. You do not have to answer to a supervisor and you work when you want to, at any time of day as long as you can meet deadlines. You avoid commuting and do not need to abide by a dress code.

Another advantage is that the sites which post essays offer various options for writers to choose from. There will be topics that writers are unfamiliar with or feel that they cannot by a certain deadline, so they do not have to take the assignments. They can choose essay topics that they are most comfortable with.

In many cases independent essay writers also have the option of having an essay they were working on reassigned to another author. At times an author may have a difficult time completing an assignment according to the specified instructions or an emergency may prevent them from completing work on time. There also may be customers who ask for many revisions that the writer cannot handle. Several sites allow you to have essays reassigned. Site administrators will generally ask you to provide a brief explanation for this request. However it is important not to make a habit of this as you may be seen as unreliable.

For independent essay writers, writing about topics they are interested in or topics they are experts in allows them the opportunity to expand their knowledge. For example if writers have taught science they may choose to write essays on science topics. If they are businesspeople they may write primarily business essays. Through research for essays they may discover something regarding the topic they had not realized previously or something that interests them.

Many sites that provide work as independent essay writer allow you to establish your own pay rate. Other sites that establish a set pay rate allow you the opportunity to negotiate your writer job pay if you feel you should be paid more.

Writing from Home - Cons

One disadvantage of working as an independent essay writer is inconsistent income. The number of orders available for writers is not always consistent depending on academic seasons. There may be times when all available work will consist of assignments that the writer cannot complete. The income of independent essay writers can vary within a set time. Unlike most traditional jobs you are not allowed sick days or vacation days and there are no benefits such as health benefits.

Another disadvantage is that many assignments would have to be completed on short notice. Writers who cannot follow the assignment instructions due to a lack of resources or who make certain mistakes such as mistakes in formatting may be penalized by the company. Writers who accept assignments must be sure that they can adhere to specified instructions.

Because independent essay writers work from home they may get easily distracted and unintentionally waste time set aside for work. Writers should stick to a schedule that works best for them in order to minimize distractions. Careful planning would help writers balance their time and efforts.

Another con to working from home as an essay writer is it can be isolating work. Writers usually spend many hours at the computer researching and typing assignments away from family and friends. Writers should take breaks when needed and ensure that they have a work/home balance. To help overcome loneliness it may also help if writers brought laptops to different locations with internet access in order to complete their work around people.

In conclusion working from home as an independent essay writer can be a lucrative choice for people who wish to work from home. If you have an interest in writing, wish to help students academically and are able to overcome the disadvantages you may become successful.