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POLISH-TRANSLATION.NET was founded to help non-Polish speaking people express themselves in the world of the Polish language. The idea arose during annual meetings of young Polish translators from around the world who experienced the need of many clients for quick and free translation of single words and sentences from English to Polish and Polish to English. In order to help those people and encourage them to learn to write and speak Polish, our international team designed this website to bring the Polish language closer to its present and prospective users.

It is our goal to keep the quality and promptness of translated materials always on the highest level. Thanks to our supporters, we have been able to do that. In our off-line operations, we have become known as a helpful source of Polish language translation matters.

If you would like to donate to POLISH-TRANSLATION.NET, please submit your translation request on the main page and follow the instructions.

Thank You.

Krystian Nalecz - Language Translation, Research, Editing, and Writing Group