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POLISH-TRANSLATION.NET has voluntary partners among professional Polish translators, editors, and academic writers. We appreciate their dedication and time. Without their help, our free translation service would never come into reality. We welcome new volunteers among Polish translators and academic freelance writers to participate in our project.

If people who visit your website are learning foreign languages, you are welcome to place the below graphics on your website to assist them in exchanging reaching their goals.

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We appreciate your time, knowledge, and commitment and look forward to a long-term cooperation.

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Custom Term Paper & Essay Writing Services for Working Students (Research Paper and Essay Writing Service) is a rewarded organization, recognized by the ABC Network Television. Their academic writing team was established in 2000 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. It provides working students and professionals who don't have enough time or resources to complete all their written assignments with premium custom writing, editing, researching, and consulting services. Their experienced contracted freelance writers and researchers who can write on both undergraduate and graduate level are former and current college and university students and instructors. They know how to custom write, research, or proofread undergraduate and graduate papers on almost any topic, ranging from anthropology to zoology. Throughtout the last few years, their writers successfully completed more than a few hundred of custom term papers, book reports, reasearch papers, dissertations, phd theses, business letters, and essays. All their essays and term papers are 100% custom written; as a result, the majority of their clients are fully satisfied with their work. Moreover, the company offers money back guarantee, which is an exceptional feature in the custom essay writing industry.

Speak the Polish Language - Even Though it is Not That Easy!

Polish language is considered to be one of the most difficult languages in the world. Not only writing, but also speaking is an uneasy task for anyone who was not born in Poland. is an online service, run by a married couple, that specializes in voice-over and custom transcription services into Polish.

The web-based transaction process is automatic and the final fee depends on the word count. A visitor to the site can listen to some sample recordings, including "Hi" or "Good morning." We know that this site has been recommended by many current and former customers.

English-Polish Dictionary of Complex Words and Phrases is a comprehensive source of knowledge about Polish words and phrases. It contains about 2,000 carefully selected words an phrases that are used not only in everyday life. The site's design is simple and easy - just select the first letter of the word you are interested in, and ... look over the results. Some of them are really rarely used, but that's the beauty of this dictionary - it's good not only for the beginners. The listings seem to be reguraly updated, which makes this resource even more valuable.