Professional Opportunities of College Graduates

College Cost

College education has become an important goal for human beings since the dawn of the industrial age in the nineteenth century. The demands of a modern economy makes it vital for having a talented and qualified workforce that can manage and work in diversified sectors. Young people in the twenty first century are often facing the dilemma to pursue a college education as it exerts a lot of effort and cost for them. The aim of this essay is to demonstrate the need for a college education as it brings different benefits for individuals.

College education is worth the effort and cost because of several reasons. An apparent reason for pursuing a college education is the higher earning potential as compared with individuals that have only high school diplomas. Statistics in the United States have found evidence that Master's degree holders earn $63,000 while bachelor's degree holders earn $55,000 per annum as compared with high school diploma holders that earn an average of $32,000 per annum. The area of study as well as career field has a huge impact on the annual salary and lifetime earnings. For instance, a bachelor's degree holder in engineering or management will earn more than an individual with a degree in the social sciences.

Another reason to pursue a college education is that it helps to develop specific skills and competencies in the individual. One of the most important skills is the ability to develop analytical skills which helps the individual to successfully analyze and evaluate anything in a proficient manner. Moreover, individuals with a college education have the ability to comprehensively execute tasks through discipline and dedication. College graduates that have flexibility and time management skills are in great demand by employers. A college degree can help individuals to enhance their marketability as a professional through the use of optimized strategies. Professional networking is an important aspect of college education as individuals belonging to similar disciplines and companies study together which is beneficial for increasing the opportunities of an individual.

Another reason to pursue a college education is that college graduates will receive greater benefits as compared with individuals without a college degree. For instance, healthcare coverage is an important benefit for college graduates. In addition, college graduates have the ability to select jobs with greater benefits like superior retirement matching, health savings, tuition reimbursement, and commuting costs.

Pursuing a college education is worth the time and cost since it is correlated with higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment. College graduates have higher paying careers while they can get into positions that have significant job advancement opportunities. Generous benefits from employers help to achieve critical success for the college graduates. Greater job stability is another benefit of college degrees. Skilled professionals are always in demand as the employers will not terminate their jobs. Finally, a college education helps to ensure that children are better off in terms of social and economic variables. The well-being of generations is enhanced when one or both parents have a college degree.

A college degree is worth the time and effort because it helps to enhance the job opportunities for individuals. It helps to provide better paying jobs together with the ability to provide generous benefits to individuals. Finally, job stability and job satisfaction are the desired goals of individuals so that they can focus on other tasks in an efficient manner. A college degree helps to ensure that children will be better off in terms of economic and social indicators. Broadly speaking, a college degree helps individuals to succeed in life by opening the doors for multiple opportunities.